Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Click  Advanced Search on the right side of the Main Toolbar OR from the Left Navigation Menu under Home. Advanced Searches allow searching using more than one Custom Field, as well as the ability to apply constraints and conditions.

On the  Advanced Search Page, you can do an initial Quick Search using the single line of input boxes:

  1. Type (Document or Entity)
  2. Search Phrase (Value)

Refine your search by clicking the plus “+” sign next to the word "Advanced". You can also modify the Display Fields of your  Search Results.

Options for  Advanced Search Criteria include:

  1. Select a Custom Field
  2. Set a Parameter
    NOTE: The  Parameters will change based on the attributes of your  Custom Field.
    EXAMPLE 1:   String fields will give the options for Equals, Not Equals, Is Null, and Is Not Null.
    EXAMPLE 2:   Date fields will give the options for Equals, Not Equals, Less Than, Greater Than, and more…
  3. Specify a Value (Search Phrase)
    NOTE: A User can Add Search Criteria in order to search using more than one  Custom Field by clicking the plus “+” sign at the end of the row.
  4. When the conditions and parameters are correct, click Run Search.

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