Viewing your Document List

Document List

The Document List is an easy way to view what documents have been uploaded using the tool. 

Limited Document Deletion

You also have the ability to delete uploaded files within the first twenty minutes of being uploaded. You will see a red 'X' listed next to the timestamp. Twenty minutes after uploading, the files will no longer be able to be deleted.

Search Options

If you click into the Date From input field, a date picker will appear (you may also type in the date), select your start date. Do the same for the Date To field. Once you have specified a valid date range, click Find Documents.

There is also an option to specify how many results are shown on a page before moving to multiple pages. The results can show either 10, 20, or 50 results per page.

Viewing Options

After selecting a valid date range and clicking Find Documents, you will see a list of results broken down by upload timestamp. The search results can be reordered based on the given columnns: Upload Date, Upload Status, and Submission Status. Clicking on the desired header will change the sort order in a descending/ascending 

To get more details on what files were uploaded at a given timestamp, press the "+" button to expand the file list. This expanded list will also have columns which can be reordered: File Name, File Size, and Page Count. As with the first, clicking any column header will change the sort order in a descending/ascending.

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