Add User

User Properties

When  Adding or Editing a user, you will be prompted to:

  1. Specify User Information:
    • User Name
    • User Full Name
    • User Email

  2. Specify: Generate a random password and email it to the user OR Enter a password for the user (only when creating a new user). Additionally, there are options to:
    • Force the user to change the password at next login
    • Prevent the user from changing the password (Password Cannot Change)
    • Allow multiple sessions
      • NOTE: Selecting Allow Multiple Sessions will enable multiple instances of the same user account in the system. It will allow a user account to log in to the application even if the account is currently Active.

  3. Group Designation adds further permissions/restrictions on certain Users.

  4. Give the User Folder Permissions.

  5. Click Add when you are done.

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