DIA - Managing Relationships

DIA - Managing Relationships

Whether you are scanning, uploading, or checking out a document, DIA allows a User to search DOMA DX for an existing entity that the document relates to.

EXAMPLE: You already have thousands of student files in your DX database. You receive a stack of files that need to be scanned. If the file is for a new student, you simply create a new Entity to attach the file to. However, before you make a new Entity, you want to make sure that the student doesn't already exist in the database.
DIA ManageRelat-FindEntity.png

Begin by clicking  Find under Find Entity. In the Find Entity dialogue box:

  1. Select the Entity Type
  2. Set your Search Criteria
    a. Add or remove Search Criteria
  3. Click Search
  4. If you see the Entity you are looking for, select it.
  5. Click Select
DIA ManageRelat-FindEntityScreen.png

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