From the Reports Home Page, a User has the ability to Manage Reports, which include:

  1. SQL Reports - Users with access can create reports that are specific to the site. You can Add, Edit or Delete, based on your permission level.
  2. Audit Reports Audit Reports track the movement, access, and property changes of  Documents,  Entities, and  Users.
  3. Workflow Reports - Give a quick overview of workflow status(es) and performance.

There are also five (5) Standard Reports that are built into every customer site which are:

  • User Upload Summary - Detailed report on the number of files/documents added per user account (including documents added through back end processes) during the specified date range.
  • System Upload Summary - Detailed bar graph report on the total number of files/documents added during the specified date range.
  • System File Storage Summary - Details the number and size of files/documents that have been uploaded during the specified date range.
  • Workflow Task Status Report - Displays Workflow tasks by Group and Workflow type.
  • Workflow User Report - Displays a summary of completed tasks detailed with a count of completed tasks from a specific workflow by a user. This report can be customized to show a specific time period, user and workflow.

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