Search Results Menu Options

Search Results Menu Options

The Menu Options will vary depending on if your Search Results return EntitiesDocuments, have a Relationship Type created, etc.

Add – You can add an  Entity or  Document to your Search Results.
NOTE: IF your Search Results are displaying entities and you click Add, you will only be able to add an Entity Type. IF your Search Results are displaying Documents and you click Add, you will only be able to add a Document Type.

Add Relationship – This adds a relationship between your selected Document/Entity with another EXISTING Document/Entity.

Move Folder – Allows you to move a Document or Entity to another folder.

Check Out – This launches the Entity or Document in the DOMA Imaging Application (DIA).

Undo Check Out - If the document is checked out and the user has undo check out privileges, the checkout can be undone and the document can be made available again.

Edit Fields – A User can select multiple Entities or Documents and change the Custom Fields all at one time.

Delete – Deletes the Document or Entity.

Export – Used to save the Search Results to a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet. The user is prompted to open or save the Excel spreadsheet to their local workstation.

Search Results Basics

In your Search Results, your rows will have a plus (+) sign in the left column.

  • Click this plus (+) sign to reveal other Documents and/or Entities that are related to that item

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