Workflow Properties

Workflow Properties

  1. Begin by giving your Workflow a Name
  2. Next, you want to Add Tasks

Building a Workflow may take some time. The Active checkbox should remain unchecked until Workflow configuration is completed and you are ready to publish. Also, Workflow Tasks cannot be Edited if the Workflow is Active.

  • The Active button must be unchecked.
  • Save the Workflow.
  • Click on the pencil icon to go back into the Workflow to Edit the Tasks.

The screenshot below shows a Workflow that incorporates Sequential Tasks and Concurrent Tasks. The Task list shows the high-level information which includes:

  1. Task Name
  2. Task Type
  3. Group
    • If the Task is assigned to a User Group, it will display here. If the Task is a System Task, this will be blank.
  4. Display for Document Type or Entity Type.
  5. Move Tasks up or down in the order list.
    • NOTE: The system will not allow a Sequential Task will not move above another.

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