Task Detail Properties

Task Detail Properties

IMPORTANT: Creating Workflow Tasks begins with thorough planning if you want them to be effective. Planning meetings with DOMA are imperative so that we can deliver the best results..

Customers should never set up Workflows themselves. DOMA's IT/Dev team will create the Workflow Tasks once all deliverables and parameters have been defined.

  1. Begin by selecting a Task Type.
  2. Give the Task a descriptive name.
    Ensure that it is intuitive and other Users can understand; and Unique in its naming convention.
  3. Assign that Task to a particular Group.
    NOTE: if it is a System Task, the portal will automatically assign the Group to "System" and grey out this option.
  4. Specify whether it has a Parent Task or Not.
    • This is where you will determine if it is a Sequential or Concurrent Task.
    • If it is an independent task select "None" under Parent Task. If the task you are creating should never be completed before another task is completed, select the name of the task the Document/Entities should go through first.

  5. Set any 3 of the special Task Properties (all optional):
    a.  Expiration
    b.  Quality Assurance
    c.  Scheduled Task
  6. Set the Search Criteria.
    This could be from an  Existing Saved Search or you can  Build a New Search.
    • Building a New Search is just like creating an Advanced Search.
    • Selecting Existing Saved Search would give you a list with all of your available saved searches.

  7. Set final Properties for Sort, Resubmit, and Auto Complete
  8. Provide Details about what Action will be happening during the Workflow Execution(s).
    The  Details will change based on each  Task Type that is selected

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