Split Dialog Box Attributes

Split Dialogue Box Attributes

The Split Dialogue Box allows the user to divide a document into separate parts. 

Pages to Split

All Pages – This will essentially duplicate the Document in its entirety.

Current Page(s) – With this option the user selects a single page or multiple pages (Shift + select) before the Split button is selected.

Page Range – If the page range is known, use this method to split several dozen pages at once.

Select Pages -This allows the user to select an assortment of pages without having to use shift + select to individually choose them all.

Split Type

Split and retain the original document – Creates a new Document in the database while retaining the original.

Example: A document open in the DOMA imaging app (DIA) is 14 pages. The first 7 pages are records for patient XX; the last 7 pages are for patient XZ; the pages have to be split from each other to make 2 separate documents. Additionally, your company’s business process requires a Quality Assurance (QA) review of all original documents in the database. So in this case, QA personnel need to compare the new documents to the original to ensure it was split correctly.

Split and remove pages from the original document – Splits out the selected pages into a new Document; removing them from the original.

NOTE: This method is for streamlined document management where there is no need for all the pages from the original document to be retained.

Split and delete original document – When the User clicks Split, it will delete the original instantly, retaining the designated pages (pages within the user-specified range). Simply deleting the pages you don’t want will achieve the same result. 

Document and Entity Fields

NOTE: Every Document in DIA is displayed in a tab, under an Entity tab. That Entity tab may be blank (<None>). It is important to know what your Entity is (if you previously created an Entity Relationship) before you begin selecting the options for Document and Entity Fields.

Save to current entity – Splits the document into a tab UNDER the same entity which you started.

Save to new entity – Splits the document into a new BLANK Entity tab.

Save to existing entity – Allows you to select an existing entity from the database and creates the document in a tab under your SELECTED entity.

Copy Document Fields – Retains the Document Fields from DIA that were indexed before the split.
Copy Entity Fields – Only is usable when “Save to new entity” is selected. The Entity Fields that you are working with are copied over to the new document.

Split and Add to System - When the split is complete the new document is added to the system.

Copy Document Fields - The Document Fields from the original are retained for the split copy.

Copy Entity Fields - The Entity Fields from the original are retained for the split copy.

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